After many fruitless searches on ebay, and in local flea markets, this customer contacted Ken's studio to inquire about reproducing an old drawer pull.

The furniture's hardware could have been replaced outright with all new (but different) hardware; but this peice of furniture had considerable sentimental value. It was a family heirloom. The more its original character could be preserved, the better.

There were some "pretty close" historic reproductions out there, but none had the svelte look of the originals. Nor could they truly imitate their vintage character, since the majority of them were die-cast from an alloy known as "white metal", and were given a coating to make them to appear to be made of iron, brass or nickle.

These original pulls were forged way-back-when, from old fashioned steel; so that was precisely the material chosen for the copy. It was heated, hammered, ground, filed, and bent into the final shape. At the time of delivery, the owner was still contemplating whether to remove some excessive rust from the other pulls, so this replacement was left in its raw state, so it could be finished to match the others.

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