While working on what was to be his next spider sculpture, Ken's plans veered a bit off course. He kept "seeing" a fish in the shape that he was hammering. So, he ran with it, and here is the result.

The body was made from flat sheet metal that Ken hammered into shape. The fins are made from sheared plate steel . The fish's eyes are plugs from some form of industrial hole punching process.

The body was given texture by melting the steel with a torch, and running the molten puddle down the body in a horizontal pattern.

The whole piece has a natural rust finish.

This fish rests perfectly on his fins, but is supplied with a forged steel "hook" and an ultra-thin line of 7-strand cable from which to hang it. The hanging effect is quite humorous.

This piece has been sold.

Feel free to email Ken Neiderer , or give him a call, to commission a similar work.

"Leave the hook in"

11" Long x 7" High


~ Sold ~

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