A customer had been shopping online for a hanging pot rack to complete the look of their newly remodeled kitchen.

Having realized that many of the examples they had found were a bit less "substantial" than they were looking for, they contacted Ken to see about making a custom one according to their specifications.

They got the look they wanted, in a size and shape that matched their new kitchen island, all for a price that was not much more than the laser-cut, mass-produced models.

It was then powdercoated, to make it maintenance free. Still, it would look great in a natural finish, or even on the rustic side.

And remember that YOUR pot rack can be as wild as you need it to be...in any shape or configuration. So, if you're bored with the standard pot rack offerings out there, feel free to email Ken Neiderer , or give him a call, to discuss how to make your next project uniquely yours.

Shown in bare steel, prior to finishing
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