Give Ken the opportunity to hammer, bend, pein, file, and sand a piece of metal by hand, and he's in heaven. Those just happen to be the very techniques needed to reproduce or repair old metal parts or fixtures; it's a perfect match.

During the course of Ken's daily metalworking, clients will bring (or send) him antique items in need of repair. Usually, these folks either had no luck finding a modern copy of their item, or simply did not wish to dispose of an historic piece of metalwork, and thereby compromise the authenticity of their piece.

Since the repair isn't always as simple as just welding the object (many of the parts were made in a time when welders did not even exist), people often have no luck even finding a local business willing to be bothered with the job.

That's why Ken has added this section to the website: he never stopped to consider just how many other folks might be in need of this service.

Feel free to email ken, and, by all means, attach some pictures of your item. He'll be glad to review them, give you an idea of whether or not he can be of service, and provide an estimate. And since we're on the subject of hardware, don't forget that Ken can just as easily put his energies into creating new, custom hardware for you.

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Forged drawer pull replica

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Repair to antique wardrobe latch

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