This snake was born of Ken's need to stop what he was doing at the moment, and just hit some hot metal.

Too many months of working with sheet metal, left him with a desire to return to the fun of working with the forge, hammer and anvil.

This piece also required the use of some heretofore untried skills. In order to give the head more detail than could be imparted with hammer blows, Ken tried his hand at cold chiseling the features into the steel.

The technique basically involves clamping the snake's head in a vise, and then using a hammer and a small cold chisel to cut out chips of steel, until the desired shape is achieved.

It was a great learning experience, and, as always, the need for more tools became apparent as the job progressed. A series of specialized chisels is definitely in Ken's forging future.

This snake was forged from some kind of machined shaft that was pulled from an industrial scrap bin. It's 5/8" in diameter at the thickest point of the body. It has been left with hammer marks, chisel marks, and file help preserve its hand-wrought character.

This piece has been sold.

Feel free to email Ken Neiderer , or give him a call, to commission a similar work.

Forged Steel Snake

Approx. 11" Long


~ Sold ~

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