The 2nd in Ken's series of steel spiders, this one features beefier features, and a more ominous stance.

The body was made from flat sheet metal that Ken hammered into shape. The legs are tapering, solid round steel, which have been sand-blasted to create a more organic texture.

The body was heat-blued in a kiln til it reached a metallic violet color. The legs have a rainbow of oxide at each knuckle.

This spider, as well as spider #1, are able to be displayed resting on the ground, or hanging from a wall.

This piece is available.

Feel free to email Ken Neiderer , or give him a call, to commission a spider of your own. Also, if you happen to be a spider nut, these spiders, or similar ones, can be built as accents for gates or fences. They can also be used (and shaped) for functional interior uses. Remember, there are no limits.

Spider #2

40" + Diameter Footprint


~ Sold ~

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