The 3rd of Ken's metal spiders, this one has proved to be his favorite. He almost kept it for himself. When creating this one, he broke free from the "rules" a bit, and gave the spider a more sculptural shape than nature may have intended.

The body was made from flat sheet metal that Ken hammered into shape. The legs, unlike those of his earlier spiders, were heated in a forge until they were orange-hot, and then hammered into shape on the anvil. They were further refined by hand filing them, to create the "blade and bone" shape he was looking for.

The body was heat-blued with a torch, and turned the most amazing transparent gunmetal blue. The legs are natural steel in color, with brilliant rainbow oxide at the joints.

This spider is a table-top model.

This piece has been sold.

Feel free to email Ken Neiderer , or give him a call, to commission a similar piece. Also, if you happen to be an arachnophile, these spiders, or similar ones, can be built as accents for gates or fences. They can also be used (and shaped) for functional interior uses. Remember, there are no limits.

Spider #3

14" + Diameter Footprint



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