This amazing, hand-made latch belongs to a German wardrobe from the 19th century.

The customer purchased the piece while vacationing in Europe, and upon bringing it home, realized that the latch was in need of repair.

The latch's main body is held to the anchoring frame via two metal straps. The lower one was missing entirely, requiring a replacement to be made. The replacement needed to hold the latch down with the proper amount of clearance, to allow full movement of the latch. It also needed to have tiny, short tenons (shafts) that would then be peined from behind, to anchor it to the frame.

The final step was to keep the finish rough, to a degree that it matched the rest of the latch, and did not stand out as a replacement.

It was a fun project, and a chance to see another ingenious bit of old metalworking technology.

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