This was a unique (and rather fun) project. The client had a very specific design problem, with no readily available solution.

These are home theater speaker wire covers. The client needed to mount the speakers several feet from the floor, in their newly-remodeled family room.

Free-standing speaker pedestals intruded too far into the room's space (and none of them, with their sleek, modern designs, matched the organic feel of the new room). So, mounting the speakers directly to the wall was the answer. But this choice presented a classic dilemma: dangling wires.

Plastic wire covers did not look so good climbing up the wall. The wires could be run through the wall, but the more they considered that option, the more they wanted the speakers to harmonize with (or even compliment) the theme of the room. This would not happen with "phantom" speakers just floating there on the wall.

They got in touch with Ken, and presented him with a rough sketch of a metal wire cover design they had in mind. The answer was to hammer each of them by hand, out of sheet metal. Tens of thousands of hammer strokes later, they had their wire covers.

At the time of completion, the customer had not yet decided on a finish, so these photos show the covers in their natural steel state, just before shipment. In this state, they can easily be painted, or allowed to rust.

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